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 Stock Tool

The StockConsultant.com website for last 20 years (since 1999) has brought high quality stock trading tools to investors. In 2004 we started providing technical analysis to the Nasdaq stock market. The site is based on unique technical analysis developed in 1992 by Dan Chapman who over the years has created tools for stock and options training, stock prediction based on neural networks and advanced technical analysis and extensive research into the aspects of successful trading systems.

Chapman Advisory Group L.L.C. is a privately held company with the goal to provide low cost effective online trading tools for stocks, options, futures and mutual funds. The site StockConsultant.com is an innovative online stock tool which provides easy to understand technical analysis for the typical investor. Free and licensable versions of the StockConsultant tool are provided to websites such as news and search portals, brokerage, banking and other financial sites (currently over 1000 websites).


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