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 Wedding Favors

Stylish Wedding Favors

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Best Eco Friendly Wedding Tips for Going Green... Planning a wedding is undoubtedly one of the most stressful times of any woman’s life. There are many things to consider and the pressure to make each element perfect is ever present. Though it can be easy to become completely overwhelmed, it’s important to remember that weddings aren’t just taxing …

Gifts To Buy The Ring Bearer Just because the ring bearer is a child, doesn’t mean you should forget him when it comes to giving gifts to your wedding party. You want to express your appreciation to your entire wedding party which includes the ring bearer. He adds a special preciousness to the wedding party and …

Gift Ideas for the Wedding Night Conventional gifts such as toaster ovens and boring punch bowls are items which the bride may expect, upon opening the boxes the day after the wedding. As a girl friend, you should spare her the monotony, by giving her an unexpected gift before the wedding day. Novelty gifts are particularly …

Party Favors From the table bells to tote bags and everything in between, music-themed party favors can fill a cornucopia. Musical instruments such as guitars, violins, saxophones, pianos or drums are popular party favors. They stand only a few inches tall and never need tuning! Musical note key chains or bookmarks keep …

How to Break Your Fiancee’s Tooth With an... If you don’t know the best way to surprise your significant other with an engagement ring, why not just stick your ring in an incredibly dangerous, yet ultimately hidden place? That’s surprising, right? Here are some great ideas for giving your fiancee a broken tooth with an engagement ring: Wine …

Using Wedding Favor Boxes for the Groom’s Cake If there is one positive thing that the global financial crisis has brought to the world of weddings, it is probably that it encouraged soon-to-wed couples to look for creative and resourceful ways on how to maximize the wedding budget. Even wedding suppliers are now encouraging couples-to-be to purchase wedding …

Affordable Wedding Favor Alternatives Probably one of the staples of a wedding reception, wedding favors enable the couple to share in the memory of this special event with the guests, friends, and family who took a special part in the occasion. These souvenirs serve as a keepsake token; hopefully, those who look back into …

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 Wedding Favors

Unique favors, gifts & keepsakes

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